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TCNA Releases Industry-Wide Material Ingredient Guide

Posted on 12 July 2021 by cradmin4

Tile Council of North America (TCNA) announced publication of its Material Ingredient Guide at Coverings 2021. This Material Ingredient Guide is the first of its kind and provides information about the material ingredients used industry-wide by North American tile, mortar and grout manufacturers. It provides in-depth health assessments of materials used and is a resource for manufacturers to use when providing the content and chemical makeup of their products or “material ingredient transparency”.

In developing this guide, 17 manufacturers collaborated to obtain GreenScreen Benchmark Scores for the vast majority of material ingredients used by ceramic tile, mortar and grout manufacturers.

“Product ingredient disclosure is in high demand,” stated Dan Marvin, Sr. Vice President of Operations for Ironrock and Chairman of TCNA’s Green Initiative Committee. “Through development of the Material Ingredient Guide, the tile industry is committed to thoroughness, consistency and transparency in reporting information about the materials from which our products are made.”

With a consistent, thorough, and transparent approach to material ingredient reporting and the compilation of referenceable GreenScreen Assessment® Benchmark scores on industry-wide materials, TCNA members aim to have the largest number of fully assessed material ingredient reports in the market. These fully assessed reports will make ceramic tile, mortar and grout products eligible for contribution to LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge “optimization” credits. TCNA’s Material Ingredient Guide initiative amplifies the North American ceramic tile industry’s dedication to health and environmental sustainability .

Wes Sullens, Director of LEED for the U.S. Green Building Council commented, “The result of this collaboration within the tile industry will push the market forward and spark even greater innovation and consideration for healthier indoor environments. This work provides the marketplace with key information needed by those pursuing LEED green building certification as they select products.”

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StonExpo México Premiers at Obra Blanca Expo 2019

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StonExpo México Premiers at Obra Blanca Expo 2019

Posted on 22 July 2019 by cradmin

Obra Blanca Expo (OB Expo), a new tradeshow of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), has joined with Informa, the world’s largest exhibition organization, to bring StonExpo to México. OB Expo with StonExpo México will take place October 15–17, 2019, at Expo Santa Fe, México City.

Started in 1987, StonExpo is an international exhibition of marble, granite, and other natural stones, along with the latest trends in stone design and fabrication machinery. StonExpo has been featured at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas since 2004 and this December will also be held in China at The International Surface Event in Shanghai. OB Expo 2019 will be the first time StonExpo is being presented in México.

OB Expo specializes in interior and exterior finishes and materials used in the final stage of a new construction or remodel project, along with those unique items that allow an architect or designer to crown a project with final touches.

OB Expo has been designed to provide a superior experience for the visitor. The exhibition is organized by thematic pavilions where three days of events will provide an international platform for architects, interior designers, contractors, distributors, investors, and real estate developers to come together to strengthen relationships, discover the latest trends and product innovations, and above all, to be inspired.

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TCNA Supports Unfair Trade Petitions Against Chinese Ceramic Tile

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TCNA Supports Unfair Trade Petitions Against Chinese Ceramic Tile

Posted on 18 April 2019 by cradmin

It seems that U.S. tile manufacturers have taken a move out of the quartz producers’ playbook by filing their own petition for countervailing and anti-dumping duties against Chinese products. In this case the product is ceramic tile, which has been claimed to be dumped into the domestic market and subsidized by the government of China.

The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) has stepped up in support of the petition with a press release that includes a statement from the executive director, Eric Astrachan.

“America’s tile manufacturers are happy to compete against fairly traded imports.  We have been hammered, though, by a flood of unfairly traded imports from China.  Chinese tile producers benefit from extensive government subsidies and dump their tile into the United States at ridiculously low prices,” said Astrachan.  “Domestic manufacturers had no choice but to seek relief from the federal government from these unfairly traded imports.  The future of the U.S. industry and of our member companies’ thousands of employees and their families depends on it.”

On April 11, several of the largest producers of ceramic tile in the U.S. filed petitions for anti-dumping and countervailing duties. The anti-dumping petition was filed in hopes of the federal government issuing duties on imported Chinese ceramic tile to compensate for injurious losses incurred by domestic producers and suppliers.

The petition for countervailing duties, filed concurrently, seeks additional compensation because government subsidies allow tiles to be sold in the U.S. below market value. It is now up to the U.S. federal government to investigate whether or not the claims are true. Should the investigation turn up evidence of the petitions’ claims, preliminary duties will be imposed in only a few months. Final duties would then be imposed at the conclusion of the investigation, which lasts around 16 months.

TCNA is a trade association that represents producers of ceramic tile, tile installation products, raw materials and other tile-related products. The organization was first established in 1945 as the Tile Council of America (TCA) and converted to its current state in 2003 after expanding to Canada and Mexico.

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Coverings Announces Charitable Initiatives at the 2019 Show

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Coverings Announces Charitable Initiatives at the 2019 Show

Posted on 27 March 2019 by cradmin

Coverings (coverings.com), the largest international tile & stone exhibition and conference in North America, will give back to the local community through a range of charitable initiatives at this year’s show in Orlando, Florida. Continuing its tradition of supporting the host city, Coverings will partner with both Clean the World and the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

“Coverings wouldn’t be possible without the support of our host cities, so it’s incredibly important that we give back to the communities that welcome us each year,” said Jennifer Hoff, president of Taffy Event Strategies, the management company for Coverings. “With so many industry professionals gathering in one place, we are honored to band together to benefit the area and build even deeper connections here.”

For a second year, Coverings will continue its partnership with Clean the World, assembling and providing hygiene kits for veterans’ associations in the Orlando area. Participants, including the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Tile of Spain, Ceramics of Italy and Coverings exhibitors Mapei and Florida Tile, will meet on Monday, April 8 for Coverings’ official service event, assembling kits onsite with daily items like toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes, lotion, Chapstick and more. The group hopes to double the output of last year’s initiative, with the aim of creating 1,600 kits for distribution to local veterans and will include handwritten notes within each kit as a thank you to those who have served their country.

“We’re excited to bring the initiative to Orlando and build on the success of Clean the World’s 2018 partnership with Coverings in Atlanta,” said NTCA Executive Director Bart Bettiga. “This joint service event brings the industry together for a truly positive and energizing start to the show, while generating immediate impact for those who have served our country living in our host city.”

Coverings 2019 also marks a continuation of the show’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity. In collaboration with both Habitat for Humanity of Seminole County & Greater Apopka and Freeman – the general service contractor for the show – Coverings will donate tile and building materials to benefit Habitat for Humanity’s mission of building affordable homes for those in need. The three organizations will work together during show breakdown to identify and collect usable tile, stone and other products from exhibitor booths.

Additionally, the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and 21 of its members will continue their generous support for Orlando-area pets through TCNA’s tiled doghouse program at Coverings 2019. Showcasing tile’s versatility and style, participating members will design and build custom tiled doghouses. During the show these one-of-a-kind, handmade creations will be on display at the TCNA Art Tile Courtyard (Booth #4209), where attendees can see the craftsmanship firsthand and meet furry friends from the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. A donation ceremony will be held in the TCNA Art Tile Courtyard at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 11th.

“We’re honored to bring the tiled doghouse program back to Coverings as a creative and charitable way to showcase the beauty and versatility of tile,” said Kathy Meyer, TCNA director of marketing. “We invite Coverings attendees to visit the TCNA Art Tile Courtyard to see these incredible works of art generously provided by our members, meet the dedicated volunteers from the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, and learn more about how this program benefits pets in the local community.”

Coverings returns to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando April 9-12, showing the latest and greatest from more than 1,100 exhibitors. For more information, and to register to attend, visit coverings.com.

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TCNA Publishes 2017 Tile Industry Update

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TCNA Publishes 2017 Tile Industry Update

Posted on 18 May 2018 by cradmin

The Tile Council of North America, Inc. (TCNA) has published its 2017 U.S. Ceramic Tile Industry Update, and the news is nearly all positive. The general economy, construction market, housing market, interest rates and unemployment rate have all contributed to a productive year, surpassing 3 billion sq. ft. for the first time in 11 years. At 3.05 billion sq. ft., total consumption rose by 5.1 percent over the previous year and the fourth highest it’s been in history.

U.S. Tile Shipments

Domestic tile shipments increased by 4.1 percent in 2017, setting a new record of 946.5 million sq. ft. This marks the eighth straight year of growth, and the rise is being attributed to new production facilities for ceramic tile in Tennessee.

Tile manufactured in the U.S. is the most popular choice in the domestic market with 31.1 percent of the share, followed by China at 21.6 percent, Mexico at 13.1 percent and Italy coming in at 12.4 percent.

The value of FOB factory sales was also up by 6.1 percent, setting a record at $1.43 billion. By the value metric, U.S. tile accounted for 39.3 percent of the domestic market with Italy coming in second with a 20.5 percent share.

Tile Imports

Total tile imports are much higher than U.S. tile shipments, making up 68.6 percent of domestic consumption. Imports were up in 2017 by 5.6 percent to 2.10 billion sq. ft. China has been the largest exporter of ceramic tile since overtaking Mexico in 2015, and Chinese tile accounted for 31.3 percent of U.S. imports.

The next four largest exporters are as follows:

  • Mexico – 18.9 percent
  • Italy – 18.1 percent
  • Spain – 11.7 percent
  • Turkey – 6.2 percent

Tile Exports

The only bad news from TCNA Tile Industry Update is that U.S. ceramic tile exports fell by 21.3 percent to 28.5 million sq. ft.

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TCNA ANSI_Gauged_Porcelain_coverR2

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TCNA Offers Print ANSI Standards For A Limited Time

Posted on 17 October 2017 by cradmin

The Tile Council of North America is printing a limited run of the American National Standard Specifications for Gauged Porcelain Tile and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs (ANSI A137.3 and A108.19).

American National Standard Specification A137.3 describes the minimum physical properties and grading procedures for gauged porcelain tiles and gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs. It provides criteria for buyers, specifiers, installers, manufacturers and the public in general. ”Gauged” means manufactured to a thickness that is specific and largely associated with installation and use. Tile panels/slabs are those that are one square meter in facial area or larger.

American National Standard A108.19 provides procedures and requirements for interior installation of gauged porcelain tiles and gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs. These products require unique installation and workmanship considerations.

TCNA will only be printing copies for those who pre-order books and does not expect to print more copies for at least one year. So be sure to order enough copies to fulfill your needs through the end of 2018. Orders are expected to ship by the end of the year. The pre-order period ends on October 30.

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TCNA Announces EPA Inclusion of Green Squared Certification

Posted on 02 February 2017 by cradmin

green squaredThe Tile Council of North America (TCNA) announced that Green Squared® has been added to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Recommendations of Specifications, Standards and Ecolabels for Federal Purchasing. In order to aid in identifying and procuring environmentally sustainable products and services, U.S. government purchasing officials have been notified of the recommendation.

Green Squared is the first multi-attribute sustainability standard developed for tiles and tile installation materials. It uses the transparency and consensus of the ANSI process combined with third party certification to evaluate, validate and communicate products that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Green Squared covers product characteristics, manufacturing, end of product life management, progressive corporate governance and innovation in an effort to establish sustainability criteria for products throughout their full life-cycle.

You may also be interested in this article about U.S. tile use.

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