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A Video Look At StonExpo & TISE West 2016

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A Video Look At StonExpo & TISE West 2016

Posted on 09 March 2016 by cradmin

This video, published by The Construction-Ed Show, is another take on the recent Design & Construction week, but it focuses on The International Surface Event (TISE) rather than the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, as the previous video we posted did.

It is basically an overview of the event, and while it does focus on the flooring and carpeting as well as the stone/countertop products and accessories, it does fairly well at capturing the feel of the show and there are some things you may very well be interested in, such as the BACA robotic saw/waterjet system shown in the video. You may even recognize a few interviewees (like Patrick Foley of Moraware’s StoneTalk podcast, among others).

If you didn’t make the show, it is certainly worth a look.

You may also be interested in this video that covers the 2016 KBIS expo that took place in conjunction with TISE.

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BACA System Offers Robo SawJet for the Stone Industry

Posted on 06 March 2014 by cradmin

baca robo-sawjet

BACA Systems introduces its reliable and lower cost SawJet Cutting System to the stone industry. Robo SawJet is a high-production dual-table SawJet that integrates both a high-pressure abrasive waterjet and 20HP direct-drive saw. According to the company, it can save customers 70 percent on labor and 20 percent on material cost. Powered by KUKA, the system is waterproof  and dustproof, keeping debris from getting into the gears or motors and limiting maintenance required in harsh stone manufacturing environments. By placing the robot between the two tables, the footprint of the system is limited for a busy granite fabrication production floor.

The standard dual-table Robo SawJet allows a granite fabricator to produce a fully cut slab on one table while the other table is being unloaded and reloaded. The system produces a slab every 20 minutes. The direct-drive saw cuts all of the straight lines on a granite job, while the high-pressure abrasive waterjet cuts all of the curves. With this type of system, it allows the granite fabricator to nest geometrical pieces close together, thus saving them material costs.

Being Powered by a fully pressurized foundry-grade KUKA Robot means that there is no daily, weekly or yearly maintenance required. After 20,000 hours of use, the robot will need only a simple oil change. KUKA Robotics and BACA Systems are exclusive partners in the stone industry.

The abrasive WaterJet, produced by the KMT Company, supplies reliable technology with low operating cost. This type of WaterJet has been used in the highly demanding automotive market which requires 24 hours a day operations. The IDE Diamond cutting head has accurate alignment, fast cutting speeds and low operating cost, reports the company.

The software included in BACA Systems’ Robo SawJet includes VeinMatch and VIM at no extra price. VeinMatch allows users to match veins from different parts of the same slab without utilizing a second slab. It aligns two pieces that come together to form the best seams. VIM, Virtual Inventory Management, shows customers a high-resolution photo of their exact slab for their project. The online photographic database allows searches by color, name or size. The bar coding system makes it easy to manage a company’s inventory. Both software systems are icon based.

With more than 20 years of background in the robotic systems business, Chuck Russo, the owner of BACA Systems, has brought his wide breath of knowledge and experience to the stone industry. At his former company, Robotic Production Technology, he was a robotic systems solutions provider that sold and serviced more than 3,000 robotic systems for industries that include aerospace, appliance, automotive, composites, construction, consumer goods, marine and plastics.

More information is available at www.bacasystems.com.

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