Artistic Tile Introduces Calacatta Borghini

Artistic Tile has introduced its latest marble tile. According to the company, Calacatta Borghini is among the most exquisite of decorative materials. A highly active surface with both veins and brecciated clasts, this marble varies intensely from lot to lot and tile to tile. The colors go from pewter and … Read more

Artistic Tile Introduces Odessa Black Belgian Bluestone

Artistic Tile has introduced Odessa Black Belgian Bluestone, a unique limestone field tile that is a versatile option for an array of projects and spaces. The unmistakable smoky indigo hue is a classic in design and architecture. Minute marine fossils speckle the surface of the tile, adding layers of dimension … Read more

Artistic Tile Introduces Calacatta Macchia Vecchia

Artistic Tile presents new Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble slab. The 3/4-in. polished stone is a classic Italian marble, sourced in quarries that are part of Italy’s cultural heritage. The marble features soft, velvety grey bolts and veins sweep across a ground of fresh cream & mellow ochre. The resulting slab … Read more

Artistic Tile Presents Onyx Ocean Blue Polished Stone

Artistic Tile has introduced a new polished stone to its array of offerings. The company describes Onyx Ocean Blue as an onyx of rich and dramatic power, with sweeping swirls of storm-cloud blue graced by rivulets and pools of fiery gold. This stone brings a forceful beauty from legendary Persian … Read more

Artistic Tile Presents Tempest Blue Quartzite Polished Stone

A Brazilian quartzite rich with color, Tempest Blue is the newest addition to the Artistic Tile collection of polished stones. The 3/4-in. slabs showcase stormy flows of blue smoke and peach veined by russet, olive green, and taupe, with crystalline mauve inclusions. Possible applications include countertops, interior commercial flooring, interior … Read more

Artistic Tile Adds Velluto Onyx Polished Stone to Collection

Artistic Tile has added a new design to its exclusive collection. Velluto Onyx is a ¾-in. slab of polished stone that is named for and evokes thoughts of the finest of silk velvets. With a curving, riverine flow of veins that range from pale alabaster to ivory, platinum and absinthe, … Read more

Artistic Tile Introduces Alwick Rustic

Artistic Tile has introduced new Quartzite Field Tile, Alwick Rustic. The blue steel colored quartzite, tempts the eye with swirls, waves and metallic shine. This natural stone pairs well with both rustic and sophisticated designs, making it available for residential and commercial spaces, in town or out in the country. It is … Read more

Artistic Tile Introduces New Marble Tiles

Artistic Tile has introduced new marble tiles Arabescato D’oro and Blue Roma. The milky-white Greek marble Arabescato D’oro boasts a network of veins that range from icy, silvered taupe to latte beige, to rich caramel. Available in 24- by 24- by 3/8-in. slabs, the tile is versatile for a range … Read more

Artistic Tile Introduces Penny Lane

Artistic Tile has introduced six new colorways with its Penny Lane collection. The new colors are White, Vanilla Onyx, Nero, Azul Cielo, Pink and Green. The new collection is suitable for graphic installations of two or more colorways, in color blocks or in stripes. Vanilla Onyx has a polished finish, … Read more

Artistic Tile Adds to Slab Gallery

Artistic Tile, home to hundreds of carefully-curated slabs from around the world, has announced the arrival of several new slab designs to its gallery. Invisible Blue (pictured) is a sophisticated, variegated marble with a shimmering pale blue background traced with soft grey veins and bold swathes of golden taupe and … Read more