TAB Offers HD Quartz with Luster Technology

TAB has created high-density quartz with high gloss via its custom-developed luster technology. According to the company the high ratio of quartz versus resin makes the slabs uniquely dense and heavier than common quartz slab. High density ensures better mechanical properties in the final product, more stain resistance and more resistance to wear & tear. Additionally, TABQUARTZ is processed with UV-resistant resin to keep it safe from ultraviolet breakdown and color change. TABQUARTZ Luster Technology is a result of more than 23 years of experience in processing natural stone and a very strong in-house R&D to develop specialty polishing tools from Italian vendors, producing a very high gloss.

TABQUARTZ slabs are compacted using a sophisticated vacuum vibro-compaction technology to form high density slabs with zero surface and bulk porosity. It is free of any volatile chemicals and very safe to fabricate and use. It is also dense and compact to minimize the absorption of liquids to less than 0.05 percent making it difficult for stains and fungi to thrive.

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