Reduce Adhesive Color Inventory and Save $$$

While it is always preferable to use the recommended adhesive color match, there are times when you have to get by with an alternate. Join.It has specifically formulated an adhesive color for that exact situation and many fabricators have found it useful to dramatically reduce the need for a large inventory of colors. Join-It calls it Outre White.

How it Works

Outre White blends in to the surfacing material when a tight fit is achieved for seams and laminations. It is a highly translucent adhesive that is designed to pick up the surrounding material color and also mimic the light refraction properties of the surface that is being joined.

When recommended color matches are not possible for whatever reason, Outre White is a great option for fabricators. It should be noted however, that some sheet materials such as heavily pigmented solid colors are not the best candidates for a translucent adhesive and may be left with a dark line at the seam. Always test a small joint when unsure of using a particular adhesive color.

Every shop should have a few cartridges of the universal Outre White in house for emergencies or for when there’s not quite enough to finish a job.

About Princeton Chemical Company

Princeton Chemical Company is based in Baltimore, MD and produces a range of products, including our fabricator-direct seaming adhesive Join.It for fabricators in the US.

Join.It produces strong, durable bonds on a range of surfacing materials including Solid Surface, Quartz and Natural Stone.

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