Groves Inc. Introduces New Heavy Duty Stone Lifter and Transporter

Groves ST-1 The new Heavy Duty ST1 Stone Lifter and Transporter is now available from Groves Incorporated. According to the company, stone slabs weighing up to 396 lbs. and measuring from 25- to 48- in. tall by 60- in. wide can be raised and lowered with its patented silent winch. The possibility of damage to the stone or injury to an employee is lessened by the lifting mast that encloses the steel lifting cable and rubber pads on the carrying brackets. The 16- in. puncture resistant wheels are designed to make job site transportation easier and safer. Materials can be pivoted 90 degrees on the axis of the mast to fit through doorways with a shift to the side function. For ease of installation the material can also be lifted to a maximum height of 63 in. and rotated 360 degrees.

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