Bessey Debuts One-handed Table Clamps (EZR-SET)

Bessey’s newest clamp innovation, EZR table clamp, was designed primarily to work with track saw guides (slots/grooves, 12 by 6.5 mm to 12 by 8mm from Festool, Protool, Metabo, Makita, Hitachi/Hikoki and DeWalt), but this clamp does so much more.

No tools are required to quickly transform and adapt to its numerous applications. It’s not just about clamping or having the capability to be a spreader, it also offers a unique step-over solution. The EZR offers single handed clamping and spreading of work pieces with 100 lbs. of clamping force. Step-over work is made possible by inserting a 2-in. adaptor into the upper or lower jaw. The easy to use release mechanism can quickly convert from clamping to spreading without tools simply by using a push button release.

Engineered with fiberglass reinforced polyamide and an ergonomically shaped handle, it allows a powerful grip as well as a safe access to the trigger lever. The fully enclosed plastic housing is also protected from dust and chips while the profiled rail offers extra stability. Cross prism design integrated in the plastic caps optimize material protection and allow fastening of round, pointed and angular pieces. EZR-SET contains two one-handed table clamps with 6-in. clamping capacity (spreading width 4 ¾-in. to 12-in.) and 2 3/8 throat depth.

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